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Project First 100

Distribute 100 mobile breathalyzers to drivers over the age of 21 in the month of September 2023.


Project Public Health

Complete 10 public health presentations spreading the mission and goals of Think Twice SA in San Antonio and other nearby cities. 


Project Partnership

Develop partnerships with 5 organizations in San Antonio and surrounding areas to host events together to reach larger communities.


Project Ride Share

​Establish relationships with various ride share apps to offer a discount to those who think twice and decide they need a ride home after a night of drinking. 


Project Research

Conduct 50 follow-up surveys to those who have been gifted a mobile breathalyzer to determine if they have been encouraged to think twice since receiving their free breathalyzer keychain. 


Project In-All-Hands

Development of an app that can help users track their drinks during a night out, compare it to their age, weight, height, and length of consumption to alert users when they may be over their recommended BAC level and remind them to think twice before driving. 

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