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Think Twice San Antonio is an organization dedicated to distributing free mobile breathalyzer key chains to drivers in the community aged 21 and up. Our mission is to encourage drivers to think twice before getting behind the wheel after any amount of alcohol consumption. 


By making mobile breathalyzers easily accessible, friends and family members of individuals who drink alcohol can offer a reminder their loved ones can have with them in their cars, at home, or with them on their keychain.


We hope that if gifted or provided a mobile breathalyzer keychain by a friend, family, or community member, individuals will also be gifted the opportunity to think twice before getting behind the wheel in moments when it matters the most.


Toy Brain


Conducting research through surveys of participants to determine if availability of preventative tools influences or encourages participants to think twice before driving after alcohol consumption.

Checking Inventory


Purchasing higher quality breathalyzers  or other preventative tools for bars and restaurants to offer for use in their establishments with customers or employees.

Many roads crossing one another


Evaluating and determining other ways we can encourage the community to think twice. 

Our Goals

  • Equip drivers over the age of 21 with mobile breathalyzers and the opportunity to think twice. 

  • Bring attention to the dangers of driving under the influence through public speaking events.

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